Building One Billion Rising in Britain: Workshop Tuesday 17 July 2012

One Billion Rising is an international coalition of campaigners speaking out for action to tackle violence against girls and women across the world. It is taking place on 14 February 2013 to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of V-day, the global movement to end violence against women and girls. Across the world the OBR campaign will highlight the challenges in every country – from calling for better reproductive rights for women in the Philippines and challenging Republican lawmakers who wish to stop female politicians using the term vagina in Michigan to supporting women organising street marches in Afghanistan, taking on street harassment in Egypt and Croatian campaigners against sexual violence in warfare. Already over 1,800 colleges have committed to holding V-day fundraising benefits to support projects working with women and girls affected by violence.

To help shape the UK response and feed into the work of One Billion Rising in Britain, we will be holding a workshop in the Angel area of London on Tuesday 17 July 2012 to discuss the themes of the campaign and seek the views and feedback on their content, focus and possible partners. This event is free to attend but places are limited– to register for a place please contact the organiser Stella Creasy on . If you cannot attend but would like to know more about the campaign you can sign for updates using this form: 

What are the themes behind OBRUK? 

Built around five themes, OBR in the UK will seek action at both a local and national level. Safe at Home will look at how to tackle domestic violence and child-parent abuse, looking at the way services respond to victims and offenders. Safe through Financial Freedom will consider the impact of economic changes on the ability of women to make choices about their own safety, exploring how changes to benefits and the jobs market will affect their personal independence. Safe Growing Up will explore the harassment of young women and girls, the growing evidence of abuse on and offline and the role of gender stereotypes. Safe in The Community will look at street safety and public spaces for women – from safety in nightclubs and the impact of cuts to street lighting to the way in which transport hubs operate. Finally, Safe in the World will look at how UK activists can support action on violence against women and girls internationally including measures to addressing trafficking and promoting the work of other OBR campaigners in other countries.

In each theme the campaigners intend to provide  training, material and resources to help participants identify, champion and secure changes which will help end violence against women and girls in the UK and internationally. This campaign will work with a range of organisations in British society, to build a movement of people who share a concern to to achieve these aims and to ensure these issues are a priority for all.

In the UK members of the Labour movement are helping to lead this campaign with OBR because we believe that in times of economic difficulty it is even more important to work towards a more socially just, safe and prosperous society for all as part of rebuilding Britain. This builds on our Everywoman Safe, Everywhere report. We welcome the involvement of all those who share our concern to make tackling violence against women and girls in the UK and internationally a priority, seeking practical and effective changes to ensure they live in a country and a society that supports them to fulfil their potential through being able to lead lives without fear.


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