Darkness Falls: Keep women safe on the streets

Darker Streets Threaten Women’s Safety

In a worrying development for women’s perceptions of safety, a survey conducted by the Labour Party in November 2011 revealed that over half of local authorities who responded were in the process of reducing their street lighting. This problem will be at its worst over the next months of Winter due to the long hours of darkness and many women’s testimonies explained how this impacts their freedom to move around their areas safely:

“Due to cutbacks by the Government, some councils have turned street lights off. This is a real danger for women who work at night. I’m an Avon lady so I’m concerned about my colleagues, many of whom deliver at night”- Sharon (evidence submitted via the Everywoman Safe Everywhere website)

Cuts to street lighting – imposed by Suffolk Country Council – are happening here in Ipswich. Female friends who live in these areas tell me [and I can confirm from having looked at a few] that it is quite scary. If you don’t have a car, can’t afford taxis and are used to walking around your own town in safety, it does make quite a difference having this “curfew” imposed.” – Netta, evidence submitted via Everywoman Safe Everywhere website.

“It feels like a curfew has been imposed….If I am visiting friends for the evening… I find myself leaving early to get home before the lights go out.” – Evidence submitted via Everywoman Safe Everywhere website

Take Action: Write to your local council to ask them not to cut street lighting in your area. You can find a template letter here.

 If you get a response, please let us know at admin@workingforwalthamstow.org.uk.

Thank you for sending this message – if you want to help promote this campaign please enter your details here and we will put you in touch with others interested in working together:

This campaign came from a workshop in London in July.

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