Have Your Say: Consultation on a new Domestic and Sexual Violence Board

Following the publication of the interim report, Labour’s Women’s Safety Commission remains concerned that there is too much complacency when it comes to tackling violence against women and girls. Too many people and agencies assume that everything possible is being done to tackle this problem, yet every week, women are failed by a system that is supposed to protect them and few national minimum standards are in place. Learning from the experience of the Children’s Trusts and the Youth Justice Board – which have delivered both national and local leadership to bring partner organisations together to tackle a challenging issue – Labour’s Women’s Safety Commission is interested in exploring the idea of a new Domestic and Sexual Violence Board, and how such a new Board could begin to prevent domestic and sexual violence offending, and to improve the support offered to survivors. Written submissions on the formation of a new Domestic and Sexual Violence Board are being sought between 25th November 2012 and 4thFebruary 2013. Submissions can be sent to: personalsafetycommission@labour.org.uk

Download the consultation document here

Let us know what you think by commenting below and send your submissions to the address above


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