Pictures from Events Around the UK

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2 responses to “Pictures from Events Around the UK

  1. Hi, you probably know that April is a month of action about child sexual abuse. Our group Cross of Change are seeking to raise flashmobs on the 14th April, to align with some other groups & countries, singing ‘The Voice’, by John Farnham
    Our facebook event page is:
    We are also aligning with Millions march against child abuse, and forming walks/marches/vigils for Sunday 21st April.
    Our group is a hub, and platform, and hoping to network, promote all Uk events. We could really do with some help with this, and dance will be part of it too. Please contact us with support/ideas, We are intending to help end the stigma, that creates the silence, that protects abusers. We intend to help create effective sanctuaries for survivors of childhood sexual assault, to be able to heal & recieve support. We empower ourselves & each other.

  2. Reblogged this on sheva.crossofchange's Blog and commented:
    amazing pictures, further actions to ensure the gov,t follow through & ensure that children are taught about CONSENT, very important.

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